Bricks are some of the most popular construction materials when it comes to making driveways, sidewalks, patios, floors, etc. They are great because they are strong and durable which is why they make perfect walkways and driveways. You will never have to think about them breaking anytime soon because they also last relatively long. Not only are they strong and durable but appealing to the eyes as well. There are many designs and patterns you can make with bricks. You will be surprised at the versatility of this small red object because it goes well with small or significant spaces. Here are some of the different brick paving naperville patterns you can use.  

 Paving Patterns

The first one would be the herringbone pattern. Herringbones are usually laid at 45- or 90-degree angles and require precision and patience with measuring and laying the bricks. Outside perimeters often have to be cut, since the brick-laying process usually starts somewhere in the middle.   

This is a great choice for a brick pattern because it is aesthetically pleasing and gives out energy and suggests activity. In the context of masonry, think of the herringbone design as consisting of parallel rows of lightning bolts. A herringbone design could also be described as consisting of rows of L shapes; each succeeding L shape is nestled atop the crook formed by the two bricks below it.  

Another pattern that you could use for bricks is the pinwheel brick pattern. The pinwheel bond will require some brick-cutting skills, but it is an exciting and great-looking pattern. As you can see, it is a geometric representation of a basic pinwheel hence, the origin of its name. A pinwheel brick pattern would work well with certain styles of architecture that features some detail, like Craftsman. This is a more sophisticated look for a brick pattern so if you want to stand out when using this pattern will ensure that you will do that.   

Also, you could also use the jack on jack pattern. The jack-on-jack brick pattern is best suited to smaller areas the design can be hard to follow through a larger space. When you choose the pattern or bond think about the degree of difficulty involved. Some designs require precise brick cutting and accuracy.  

Your bond choice will also be influenced by whether you lay the bricks with the pattern can be hard to follow through a larger space. Your bond choice will also be affected by whether you put the blocks with closed joints or open joints. This is a very simplistic design that would go well with any style of house or surrounding because of its simplicity.   

Lastly, you could also go for a running bond brick pattern. The moving bond brick pattern is one of the most popular and frequently used bonds for walls and patios and is fairly easy to lay with some planning and experience. This is one of the most popular because it is straightforward to match with any surrounding and is also appealing to the eye. These are some of the different brick paving patterns you can choose.